Where Have All NEPA’s Amusement Parks Absent?

Northeastern Pennsylvania, your domain name generally called NEPA by locals, has actually been residence to a lot of amusement parks in the course of its heritage. The amusement park business in Northeastern PA was after as well known in this article as any place while in the state. Being a subject of reality, the amusement park company boomed in the course of Pennsylvania. Park historians estimate there could possibly have been as several as one hundred parks operating in PA back again during the roaring twenties. Northeast PA has well-known parks like Rocky Glen (later on named Ghost Town in the Glen), Sans Souci Park, Hanson’s Park, Luna Park, and Angela Park. The world was bustling with community family members amusement. The different parks were being possibly in a couple of miles push or train journey from pretty much all people residing in NEPA.

These parks originated as trolley parks. The parks ended up strategically found alongside the rail strains and built to encourage off-hour and weekend use of the trolley line. The thought worked properly again inside the railroad heyday. Family members could trip the trolley line into the parks to get a little rate and invest the day experiencing no cost entertainment, picnic lunches, and both motorized and gravity-powered rides. The popular sayings “going up the line” and “going down the line” are still in use these days on the other hand many of us who use this catch phrase possibly under no circumstances realized it’s referencing the outdated trolley lines that ran up and down the valley.

These parks ended up placed in wooded spots along the rail line and by no means considerably from residential neighborhoods. This placement might have been one among the explanations park attendance declined above the decades. The parks ended up never ever meant to park a huge number of automobiles given that most people did not even have a vehicle in the event the parks had been proven. Even so, the parking problem was only one nail while in the coffin. Lesser parks eventually grew to become not able to turn profits while in the exact way the more substantial parks did. Some things have been legal responsibility insurance coverage and over-all operating price. The weather also would not appear to cooperate inside the way it does a little bit south of right here, for that reason the operating period was much way too limited. Southern PA has long been additional privileged regarding amusement amenities. It really is residence to the amount of much larger parks like Hershey Park, Knoebels Amusement Park, and Dorney Park. The sheer sizing of such facilities and the amount of attractions are two with the major reasons for his or her continuing accomplishment.

As for NEPA, all we now have still left is really a number of ruins and lots of memories. In general, the parks have disappeared to the point wherever a kid these days would under no circumstances know they had been passing the site of an amusement park should you drove past. Rocky Glen for instance, barely has any noticeable stays apart from the paved walkways as well as the faded signal within the entrance. Hanson’s Park was introduced back again to existence briefly for out of doors live shows just after its closing plus some from the constructions still continue being. Almost all of Angela Park has become razed around security concerns as well as the land formerly useful for Sans Souci Park continues to be formulated. These parks are absent for good along with the probability of a brand new amusement park currently being proven in Northeastern Pennsylvania is unlikely, if not impossible.